Review of the Year – October 2016

Merry New Year! May 2017 be your best year yet!

Looking back just a short time, October 2016 was a great month of dining.

Forage & Chatter was an excellent new addition to our west end dining options. Cafe de la Poste, the Canon’s Gait, and the Life Cafe offered hearty fare. Carington Mouse’s Larder and Magna Hungaria were full of charm.

Scallops and squash at the Edinburgh Food Studio

Taste Buchanan offered a really good new take on the shopping centre food court. Machina Espresso opened a second branch and continued their coffee excellence.

We had a very enjoyable Gin Journey and followed that up with a feature on Edinburgh’s best cocktail bars, which proved very popular.

I had a very enjoyable trip to Gent with J.E.F. one of the lunchtime highlights of 2016. I had a couple of fantastic trips to the Edinburgh Food Studio.

In less good news, Foxhole BBQ offered a disappointingly impractical take on street food. China Red was dreadful. Bill’s was dreary.

The most poignant meal of the month (and year) was the takeaway from Tiger Lin, but things ended on a happier note with impressive meals at Di Giorgio and Nightcap.

Written by BKR