January 21, 2017 Mexican, Old Town 2 Comments

Burrito n Shake

Another burrito place. I should probably just give up, but I’m an eternal optimist and I have no idea when and where my road to burrito Damascus moment is going to take place. I can now confirm that it’s unlikely to take place on South Bridge.


Having opened in the middle of next year, Burrito n Shake I assume is a sister restaurant to Noodles n Ice, which has been hilariously renamed Noodle n Rice since we originally reviewed it. It’s focus is on Mexican food with burritos to the fore. I didn’t see much prominence given to the shakes, so perhaps this place may in time decide to focus on seafood wraps and rename as Burritos n Hake.

Anyhoo, the place is fairly sparsely appointed with a few wooden booths, with plenty of room devoted to space for queuing. Given they’re open until 3am each night, I suppose this is a design that works for their emphasis on takeaway custom.


My requirements were pretty straightforward. I opted for the chicken burrito which was assembled and filled with assorted whatnots before being toasted.

I munched as I walked. The burrito has been very poorly wrapped and far too loose, allowing food to leak everywhere from the outset. The quality of the filling was completely underwhelming. It was another limp burrito effort.

So overall, while I still refuse to admit defeat with burritos, I will give them a bit of a break for now as I’m bored with the very poor standard I’ve come across recently. Burrito n Shake needs a complete rethink of what they’re doing as their wraps are some of the weakest I’ve sampled.

I ate: chicken burrito

I wore: pinstripes

Total bill: £7

Address: 107 South Bridge, Edinburgh EH1 1HN

Written by BKR