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Forester’s Arms



After a jolly afternoon spent bottling beer at the Stewart Brewing beer kitchen, regular guest quester Iain and I took our hoppy spoils back to his abode in Aberdour, then toddled to the local hostelry, the Forester’s Arms, for an ale and perhaps some grub.

I’ve dined in various Aberdour locations – the Aberdour Hotel, McTaggart’s et al – but not previously tried the food at “the Forries”.

It’s a pub with a pool table, sports on the telly, a separate restaurant space and a bar menu focussing on pub classics with burgers to the fore. Their real ale selection is pretty good and very reasonably priced. We didn’t try anything to match The Cheeper – the beer Iain had brewed at Stewart’s – but at around £3 a pint it was all satisfyingly drinkable stuff.

We kept things simple with the food both opting for the house burger. This came with onion rings, chips and coleslaw. These appeared promptly looking quite smart.

Interior fireplace

Interior fireplace

The chips were disappointing. Despite looking like good quality skin-on fries, they were hard not crisp like they’d been cooked for a while and left under lights. The onion rings were pleasingly crisp but just a touch greasy. The slaw was pretty good.

The burger itself was extremely impressive with good moistness and flavour. The cheese and bacon toppings were similarly satisfying and the bun was fresh and structurally sound. I liked it a lot.

So overall, if they can fix their chips the Forester’s Arms will be well on their way to being a really good pub grub option. The burger was delivered to a very good standard so it’s a place I’d recommend to you for hearty fare next time you’re in the neighbourhood.

Blythe scores the Forries
4/5 for food
3.5/5 for presentation
3/5 for setting
3.5/5 for service
giving an overall 14/20

Today’s questers were: Iain, Blythe

We ate: Forester burger (2)

We drank: various ales

We wore: action footwear (2)

Total bill: burgers £10.95 each, ales around £3.10 per pint

Address: 35 High Street, Aberdour KY3 0SJ

Written by BKR