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With the lunchtime sandwich selection at today’s conference looking pretty moderate, I decided to give the food court at the nearby St Enoch’s Centre a try.

Pulled pork sandwich

Pulled pork sandwich

I found the place pretty chain dominated with Burger King, Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, Ed’s Easy Diner etc, but there were a couple of places that looked to be in independent ownership, including one called Taste. I went there.

The counter women greeted me with a rather stern questioning as to why I was taking photos of the counter and the menu board. I think they figured I was the health inspector as when I said to them that I would be reviewing their work today they moved from frosty to effusively friendly. Their warmth was definitely the highlight of my visit.

The core of their menu, aside from regular sandwiches and wraps, is a small selection of hot meat sandwiches. They were out of sloppy joes so I settled for pulled pork. It came with chips and coleslaw.

Menu board

Menu board

With items in hand, I had a bit of a wander through a typically grim shopping centre food court seating area before I alighted upon a spare seat. Once I did I could tuck in.

The pulled pork was pretty decent with a good brioche bun filled with profuse, slow-cooked meat topped with sweet barbecue sauce. The cheese and jalapenos were pretty superfluous.

The chips were bog standard, but at least hot and crisp. I took one forkful of the slaw which was very poor.

So overall, I enjoyed the characterful counter women at Taste and the pulled pork bun was pretty good, but other aspects were less impressive. In general, the St Enoch’s food court is fairly generic so not particularly one for your shortlist.

Blythe scores Taste
3/5 for food
3/5 for presentation
4/5 for service
2/5 for setting
giving an overall 12/20

I ate: pulled pork bun, chips, coleslaw

I wore: www.tieclub.co.uk tie

Total bill: £5.50

Address: St Enoch’s Centre, Glasgow

Written by BKR