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The World Cancer Research Fund has designated June 2016 as #DumpTheJunk month. In the interests of keeping my rich and varied diet, I won’t be cutting out the full sepctrum of the crap I eat, but I have pledged to give munchy boxes and late night pizza a break for the month. I’m a selfless hero like that.



To mark the start of the month, I took a trip to Zumo, a juice bar in the ghastly Waverley Mall, which was previously called Princes Mall and/or Waverley Market, depending on your vintage.

Zumo has four branches across Scotland offering juices and smoothies. My only routine exposure to such things is at Hula and that’s only when I have the cold or a massive hangover. They’re my go-to place for getting me back on the road to health.



At Zumo, I was hooked in by talk of a cherry, banana, orange and yoghurt smoothie. This was thrown together by the slightly distracted counter woman.

It was mainly comprised of frozen yoghurt so had a good thickness to it. The orange sweetness was a little too high and crowded out the cherry, so ratios could be improved, but it was pretty refreshing. It brightened an already sunny day.

So overall, Zumo did a good job of starting off the month of June in which no munchy boxes will be ingested. You should pledge to #DumpTheJunk too. Check out further details on the WCRF website.

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Written by BKR