May 22, 2016 Breakfast, Travel No Comments

Virgin East Coast Trains

I wrote about the delights of the Virgin East Coast first class food service, a couple of months back, as I’d rather enjoyed it and thought it deserved some recognition for a job well done. I was pleased to have occasion to try some more dishes from their menu on a subsequent trip south.



I wasn’t travelling quite so early in the day, this time, so was feeling in the mood to give their full breakfast a try.

It brought together a little egg and cheese flan and sauteed potatoes, then more traditional items like sausage, bacon, mushrooms and tomato. It was served with good brown toast and delicious Cawston cloudy apple juice.

The breakfast was really good with well-crisped bacon, a good sausage and nicely prepared mushrooms. The little egg flan was very good, too.



On the journey back the following day, I was travelling in the middle of the afternoon so got to sample their light afternoon menu. I eschewed the risotto in favour of their meat and cheese platter. I accompanied it with several glasses of passable white wine.

The platter was pretty good with a couple of pieces of prosciutto and salami, a profusion of green olives, some mini mozzarella balls, crispish salad, and sun-blushed tomatoes. It was a good mid-afternoon feed.

So overall, Virgin East Coast maintained the standard of my previous trip which was good to see. It’s really heartening to have the spectre of bad train food thoroughly exorcised. I look forward to my next trip on the service.

Written by BKR