Snack Shack

A mystery tour, a mystery tour! But not one of the Edinburgh ones with non-ghosts, dank basements and Americans with sore feet after a day walking around the city. This one started with drams at the Glengoyne Distillery at precisely 10:09am, so the bar had been set high early in the day.



With the prospect of mystery lunch still an hour or so away and the opportunity taken for a bathroom break on the bonnie, bonnie banks of Loch Lomond, my eye was caught by a little cabin shop. Called the Snack Shack, it had been trading from this location in the picturesque village of Luss for many years.

One of the things on offer was called “staggis”. I had to enquire what it was. Of course, it was a perfectly sensible and obvious – although not immediately to me in my Glengoyned state – name for venison haggis. For £2 they offered a slice of it on a roll, to which I added brown sauce.

Staggis roll

Staggis roll

I also tried their espresso (£2) which was surprisingly decent.

I rejoined my compadres on the mystery bus and munched while the bus wandered on towards deepest, darkest Argyll.

The staggis, made by a local butcher Callaghan’s of Helensburgh, was really good. It was simply cooked and packed good meaty, peppery notes. The roll that encased it did the job very nicely.

So overall, the Snack Shack offered an unexpectedly welcome treat and quite the local delicacy. I’d be happy to visit again next time I’m mysteriously touring in these parts.

4 stars 2

Written by BKR