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Another Friday night, another complex set of bartley decisions to make. While sitting in the highly impressive bar at Hutcheson’s in Glasgow, my options were a) a smart meal in the Merchant City, possibly in situ, b) a quick snack probably in a dodgy chippy before the train back to the Burgh, or c) phone ahead for takeout so that when the conductor woke me up at Haymarket, some hot food would soon arrive at my nearby abode.



With three excellent cocktails (not to mention one extremely mediocre one from The Spiritualist) aiding my already razor-sharp judgement, I chose option C.

The interweb suggested that Sultan would be a good choice, so I went with that. I ordered their munchy box (£12).

Upon return to my armchair in the fashionable west end of Edinburgh, I discerned that the box contained a 12″ garlic bread pizza, chicken and veg pakora, donner meat, chips and salad. It looked typically monstrous.

As is often the way, the pakora were the highlights with the chicken ones particularly good. The chips – proper chippy ones – were really good too.

The onion rings weren’t quite so good, but the donner meat restored the happy times. The garlic bread was pretty good, too.

So overall, Sultan offered a good munchy box experience with some very pleasing elements. I’d be happy to try their wares again so when massive hunger strikes add them to your list for a go.

3 stars 2

Address: Unit 4, Bughtlin Market, Drumbrae, Edinburgh EH12 8XP

Written by BKR