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Pizza Palace

Drinking had got in the way of eating, not for the first time, so once I’d bid the Last Word Saloon farewell, I let Hungry House guide me towards a takeaway I hadn’t sampled.



Its oracular recommendation was Pizza Palace on Gorgie Road. A quick look at the menu led me towards the Hawaiian which seems to have become my pizza of choice, recently. I was tickled to see it came in a 16″ size so ordered that. It was a tenner so with delivery free the total bill came to £11.50.

It arrived a little ahead of schedule and was as monstrous as expected. In the dim light of my drawing room, it looked as if the to-the-edge topping might signal a thin and crisp base. Sadly, it did not.

The base was extremely dense and heavy. The first bite indicated that eating the entire thing in one go would be quite a challenge. I like a challenge, sometimes, so resolved to see if I could dispatch it. I did. Just.

While the base was definitely too heavy, the overall effect was still pretty decent as the topping was pretty well judged with the cheese cooked really nicely and a good mix of ham and pineapple chunks.

So overall, Pizza Palace is another place ticked off the list. I’ll probably order from somewhere else next time, but if you find yourself tempted by the place, err on the small side as the pizza base is a meal in itself.

3 stars 2

Written by BKR