Dovecot by Leo’s

It was a shame to see Stag Espresso move on to pastures new as I was a huge fan of their work, both at their various pop-ups and at their main base at the Dovecot Studios. It was good to see another favourite take over the space, though, in the shape of Leo’s Beanery. Dovecot by Leo’s is their third Edinburgh shop, hot on the heels of Leo & Ted’s.



The space is much the same as ever and the menu is largely in the style that was there previously with a few signature Leo’s touches.

They have daily changing soups, salads, pate and quiche, from which I opted for the puy lentil and chorizo soup, and some cheddar and chive quiche.



The friendly counter folks were soon delivering both. They looked typically hearty and stylish.

The soup was flavour-packed with a lovely smokiness and rustic texture. It was one of the better soups I’ve had this year.

The quiche was similarly impressive with a nice fresh salad accompanying very well crafted pastry. Both dishes were served with excellent focaccia from Dough Re Mi.



So overall, Leo’s brings extremely high quality to this lovely cafe premises. They’ve hit the ground running which is no surprise as these folks know what they’re doing. Make sure to visit soon.

Blythescores Dovecot by Leo’s
4.5/5 for food
4/5 for presentation
4/5 for setting
4/5 for service
giving an overall 16.5/20

I ate: puy lentil and chorizo soup; cheddar and chive quiche

I drank: water

I wore: late spring overcoat

Total bill: £11.90

Address: Dovecot Studios, 10 Infirmary Street, Old Town, Edinburgh EH1 1LT

Written by BKR