The current outburst of independent coffee houses, in particular ones opening right near my abode, shows no signs of slowing. The latest, following in the footsteps of Noir and Brew Lab West End, is Strumpets, on William Street.



I visited on their first (and second) day of trading having been tracking their progress towards opening.

Their offering is very simple – coffee and cake. I dare say there’s tea and other whatnots, too, but my interest was firmly in the coffee.

Coffee and cake

Coffee and cake

The strumpeters three that run the place greeted me in harmonious concert, when I arrived. They’ve taken a good bit of time to hone their coffee skills, working closely with local maestros Artisan Roast to get things just right. They’re doing all their own baking in-house.

The coffee training was entirely worth it as the short-poured and punchy espresso was absolutely first rate. I was hugely impressed to see coffee being served to such a high standard from the get-go.

The cafe is charming, with a smart fish-tank, eclectic furniture and a couple of ridiculously comfortable throne seats in the back room. It felt like an ideal place to spend a lazy afternoon. I struggled to prize myself from my chair and get on with the business of the day.

So overall, I was mightily impressed with Strumpets. It’s another great addition to our growing West End coffee community. I’ll likely be back on a regular basis and would recommend you do so, too.

Address: 35 William Street, EH3 7BL

5 stars 2

Written by BKR