February 17, 2015 Kickstarter No Comments

kgthkkg7_reasonably_smallHaving reached just over half way on their Kickstarter drive, I spoke to Russell Smith, the man behind Russell Up and his new venture the Edinburgh Catering Company, to see how things were going.

Reaching 54% in 10 days is excellent progress. Russell is very pleased with the support received to date:

“Edinburgh has definitely inspired my career. I love the city and its food and drink culture. There’s a real sense of community, and the Kickstarter has shown that. We are a just over half way to our target, but need the city to really get behind us to push us over the edge.”

Photo - Russell Smith

Photo – Russell Smith

Backers can gain access to some pretty impressive rewards, depending on their level of support. Russell outlined some of the goodies on offer:

“I feel that the rewards offer something for everyone. We are certainly not asking for free money. For example, £50 will get you two tickets to our opening party, or £80 will get you two tickets to our first pop up. I guarantee these will be nights to remember!”

While there’s lots of effort being focussed on the current funding drive, I asked Russell what plans are afoot for the project:

“If we are successful, it will be all systems go straight away. We are ready to move into the unit, and the rest of the money is in place. Ideally we would love to thank everyone who supports us even more, so if we raise our goal before Friday 27th, there will be a stretch goal including an invite for everyone to a tasting event.”

Make sure to support Russell to deliver this highly worthwhile enterprise, in any way you can. The deadline for pledges is Friday 27 February at 5pm, so get clicking before then.

Written by BKR