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It had never really occurred to me to visit Bene’s chip shop, on the Canongate, until I heard a couple of respected judges naming its chips amongst the best in the city. After an evening of unexpected delights, I popped there on my way home.



A simple counter place, the interior left little to remark upon beyond the helpful battalion of staff, who did an excellent job of looking interested and remaining helpful on what was a rather quiet Wednesday evening.

My order was in the territory of “make it easy on yourself” in that I ordered from the items in sight rather than, say, specifying a fish when that would clearly have taken a wee minute or two to prepare. Fortunately, a haggis was one of the proffered items, so this fitted nicely with my requirements.

Haggis and chips

Haggis and chips

I watched as the counter woman shovelled a monster portion of chips, to which brown sauce was liberally applied, as per my request.

I was soon on my way, munching as I walked. The reports on the chips were indeed correct. They were crisp, light and in considerable profusion. The haggis was slightly more routine, but still nicely hit the spot.

So overall, Bene’s was certainly worth the visit. It’s in the realms of being quite handy for me if hangover chips are required on a working day, so definitely gets filed under highly useful. I’d happily return.

Blythe scores Bene’s
3.5/5 for food
3/5 for presentation
3.5/5 for service
3/5 for setting
giving an overall 13/20

I ate: haggis supper

I wore: pinstripes

Total bill: £4.60

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Written by BKR