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I was feeling a little ropey after another fun evening of reacquainting myself with the delights of midweek drinking in Edinburgh. I was in need of sustenance relatively close at hand so headed for a bakery called Three.14 which was new to me.

The name is a pi/pie riff. It’s always good to see maths jokes in cafe names, I reckon.

The place is very compact in premises opposite the Commonwealth Pool. There’s one table in the window and a couple of shelf seats and that’s that. 

The focus is on baked goods, all created in-house, across the sweet and savoury palate. There’s also a selection of lunchables with bread from Twelve Triangles to the fore.

I checked out their coffee which was from local roastery Williams & Johnson. It was so good I ordered a second espresso.

For food I opted for their cheese toastie. It was entirely splendid and right up there with Cairngorm and Mellis as the best I’ve had in the city.

So overall, Three.14 is a joyful little spot and one I look forward to visiting regularly in the future. With such excellent coffee and splendid baked goods, it’s a really pleasing offering. Make sure to pop in and check it out soon.

I ate: cheese toastie

I drank: espresso (2), water

I wore: Hawaiian rainwear

Total bill: £9

Written by BKR