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Bridgend Farmhouse

I’d been meaning to visit the Bridgend Farmhouse cafe since I returned to the city and with my temporary abode just round the corner in The Inch I had the ideal opportunity.

Part of the Bridgend Farm allotments, growing projects, and community hub, the cafe trades during the day on Thursday to Saturday each week.

I’d arrived in the lull between breakfast and lunch so they weren’t up and running with their daily changing lunchtime specials, but the soup of the day was ready so I contented myself with a bowl of that.

Today’s variety was curried lentil. It was nicely crafted and lightly aromatic. I enjoyed it.

I added a wee espresso for which I received a discount for using my hot pink Keepcup. It was a good shot.

Overall, it was great to finally get along to support the Bridgend Farmhouse’s excellent work. Their cafe is doing good work. I hope to have time to pop in again while I’m in this neighbourhood. You should make sure to visit soon.

I ate: curried lentil soup

I drank: water, espresso

I wore: new trousers 

Total bill: £3.75

Written by BKR