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Azas Kitchen

The end of Lunchquest is nigh but there always seems to be one more place and one more point of interest to capture before we finally swan off into the sunset.

Today’s hook was the words ‘homemade lorne sausage’ on the window of a little all-day takeaway cafe called Azas Kitchen.

Right next door to the newly arrived High Dive, home to an outstanding breakfast pizza, the place has a pretty standard kebab shop look but with a very much broader menu reflecting their breakfast until late night opening hours.

My requirements were simple so once I’d had a wee check that they were indeed making their own lorne in-house, a roll featuring it with a little brown sauce for good measure was prepped to order.

With a friendly smile and warm farewell exchanged, I was on my way. 

The lorne was all beef and very strong on depth of meaty flavour. It had a lovely soft texture, too. It didn’t quite have that distinctive lorne flavour in quite the abundance of the excellent stuff from nearby BBL, but this was still enjoyably well-crafted stuff.

Overall, Azas Kitchen adds an additional option to this neighbourhood’s burgeoning breakfast and all-day eating options. A place making its own lorne is always going to be a winner with me. Make sure to give it a look when next you’re in these parts.

I ate: lorne sausage roll

I wore: sober shirt

Total bill: £1.85

Written by BKR