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Absolutely Fabulous

I’ve been staying for a few days at The Inch, a neighbourhood where my great auntie used to live, in between Cameron Toll and the Royal Infirmary.

While it is not exactly overstocked with food and drink options, there is a little parade of shops contained within which boasts a chipshop, a couple of takeaways, and a little cafe called Absolutely Fabulous. It was to the latter that I strolled on a sunny recent morning.

The place is simply appointed with counter service. They’re cooking breakfast to order and offer a wide range of cafe staples including sandwiches, pies and baked potatoes.

My eye was caught by mention of homemade leek & potato soup so I ordered that. I added a macaroni pie for good measure.

Both items were soon with me. The soup looked very hearty and proved to be a stick-to-your-ribs classic. It was beautifully seasoned with lots of warmth from black pepper.

The pie was slightly more routine but again made in-house. I enjoyed it.

Overall, Absolutely Fabulous looks to be a good local cafe where you can have a nice cuppa and pick up some homestyle snackage. I may well pop in again during my stay in this realm.

I ate: leek & potato soup, macaroni pie

I wore: bright action footwear

Total bill: £5.25

Written by BKR