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I’d had a good late snooze after far too much good clean air in Pennsylvania, so after a little gander at Edgar Allan Poe’s tomb I headed to historic Lexington Market for something I knew not what.

Having been trading since the 1782, the market now blends traditional butcher, fishmonger and other local produce counters with an array of hot food options across world cuisines.

I took a trot around the place then headed back to the only the stall with a line of people queuing to sample their wares.

This proved to be a Chinese place called Pavilion. It was unclear whether the line was motivated by this being the best or the cheapest place. I suspected potentially both.

The queue was efficiently managed meaning I was soon being served by the friendly counter woman. 

I opted for the medium box of prawn lo mein and a prawn egg roll. This came to a very reasonable $7.20.

With items in hand, I headed to a nearby high table to tuck in. I started with the egg roll. It had an oddly leathery casing but the filling was profuse. It was essentially just prawns and cabbage but was well seasoned and really pretty decent.

The noodle dish was a notch better with more juicy prawns – a bunch of them – and simple noodles with the odd bit of veg in the mix. It was a good portion and made for enjoyable eating.

So overall, I was pleased to visit Lexington Market and well fed at Pavilion’s Chinese food stall. It wasn’t the most sophisticated lunch I’ve ever eaten but it was high of flavour and set me up for a glorious wander around the city. Give the market a look when you have a moment to spare during your time in Baltimore.

Written by BKR