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Mehran Tandoori and Sweet Centre

Friday night takeaway! This marked my last end-of-working-week slump in the chair for quite a while. The joy of sabbaticals.


I thought I’d give the Mehran Tandoori and Sweet Centre a try as I’d caught sight of their incredibly broad menu on a previous browse.

There was almost too much choice so I took a while to come up with what proved to be a combo of entirely too much food.

I opted for chips topped with macaroni cheese, their Punjabi pan pizza and their mixed starter box. It came to a total of £20.90.

It arrived promptly delivered by an effusively friendly delivery man. He added in a little selection of their sweet options for no additional cost.


After verifying that the chicken pakora were pretty good, I put the starter box to one side to devour for a hearty breakfast the next day.

I started with the cheesy chips. These were of the fries variety and the topping featured a nicely oozy cheese sauce. It was good, hearty fare.

The pizza was another pretty good effort. The base was quite light and the topping featured warmly spiced chicken and mince along with peppers and onions. I enjoyed it.

Starter box

Probably the highlight was the starter box as the mushroom pakora were really good as were the tandoori chicken wings. They set me up very well for a day of rugby watching and loafing about the New Town in my new Electric Achroous trousers.

So overall, the Mehran Tandoori doesn’t lack ambition with its incredibly diverse menu. It looks like they’re doing everything to a pleasing standard with the Indian food unsurprisingly their strength. I’ll order from their curry list next time to see how their offering matches up. Give them a look next time you’re looking for takeaway Indian or are feeling massively indecisive.

Written by BKR