March 27, 2018 Delivery, Falafel, pizza No Comments

Mama Rosa’s

I was so tired after the first day at home in so, so long that when it came to early evening the call to a takeaway shop seemed inevitable.


I’d eaten heartily from the home larder with a decent sucuk hash for breakfast and a splendid coronation chicken soup for lunch, so I figured something relatively stodgy was merited.

I was thinking pizza and then hit upon testing another falafel option as part of the ongoing #falafelquest. Mama Rosa’s was the first place that fit the bill.

I ordered their falafel pitta to start followed by a 10″ margherita to follow. With delivery this came to a tenner.


Things arrived super-promptly. Both items looked much as expected.

I started with the falafel which featured three generous balls with the standard salad. The accompanying garlic sauce was on point.

The pizza put me in mind of Macaulay Culkin – a delicious cheese pizza, all for me. It felt trad and satisfying and deeply cheesy. I enjoyed it.

So overall, Mama Rosa’s offered me a no-nonsense feed when that was just what was required. I would order from them again as it had the feel of a place amply stocked to address hangover needs. Give it a go when you feel this way.

Written by BKR