November 18, 2017 pie, Street food 2 Comments

Pie Dolly

I had heard rumours of a new pie stall on the market circuit and was keen to inspect their wares.


After a failed attempt to catch them at Stockbridge I bumped into them unexpectedly at the Leith Market.

Called Pie Dolly, their speciality is hot water crust pies in the traditional pork pie style.

They offer a range alternative fillings ranging from chicken and chorizo, cheddar and leek, to an intriguing sounding lamb and apricot. I opted for the latter (£4.50).


After another outstanding espresso from the Bearded Barista and the obligatory photos, I tucked in.

It proved extremely enjoyable eating. There was warming spice from cumin, oodles of splendid aspic, and profoundly flavourful meat. The pastry had a really pleasing brittle finish that hit the spot. It was a very good pie.


So overall, I was glad to track down Pie Dolly and sample her delicious pies. I’d recommend them to you as they are lovingly crafted and splendidly tasty. I look forward to sampling further flavour combos on future visits.

Written by BKR