November 12, 2017 Chinese, Leith, Take Away No Comments

Happy Rice

Friday night takeout! The week had been lengthy so my requirements were simple: a couple of tasty dishes to ease my way towards an early slumber.


Nearby Chinese takeaway Happy Rice seemed like a good choice so I popped in there. I found it abuzz with like-minded customers ending their working week with some noodly treats.

From their typically broad selection I ordered the chicken noodle soup, some duck spring rolls and a house chow mein. This came to the very reasonable sum of £10.80.

Duck rolls

I toddled home and tucked in.

I started with the soup which was packed with soft chicken pieces and noodles. The broth was a bit characterises, though.

The spring rolls had good crispness but the filling was fairly nondescript and didn’t pack much ducky meatiness.

Chow mein

The chow mein was a solid dish with a good array of meat and prawns along with the profuse noodles. I enjoyed it.

So overall, Happy Rice did a decent job of satisfying my end of week hunger. Things didn’t really hit the heights, though, so I think it will be on to somewhere else next time Chinese food is the order of the day.

Written by BKR