Mo Beans

I’m missing the plethora of coffee options that I had on my previous walk to work from Haymarket to the city centre. I’ve barely been in the excellent Lowdown and my regular stops at Cairngorm have all but dried up.


The quality of my morning coffee has been maintained at an excellent standard by the lovely chaps at Century General Store.

But it’s always good to have options so I was pleased to see the arrival of Mo Beans at the top of Easter Road, just opposite Polentoni.


I’d popped in for a first visit with friends Mel and Milo and discovered a familiar face helping out. Dean used to be the manager at Noir, another of my regular haunts in Haymarket days.

This bodes well for the coffee as Dean knows what he’s doing. He introduced owner Mo who does all the baking for this bright and airy new shop.


After this enjoyable first visit I came back a few days later to give things a proper appraisal.

The coffee is by local roasters Williams & Johnson. Today’s espresso was a Guatemalan and it was excellent.

For an additional quid (£1.50 if just ordering the bun on its own) you can add a cardamom or cinnamon bun to go with your hot drink. In my case this meant a cardamom bun and espresso for £3 which is a really good price.

The cardamom bun was right up there with the ones that Soderberg produce to much acclaim. It’s such a splendid treat for people like me who don’t have the sweetest tooth but generally want to eat everything. I liked it a lot.

So overall, Mo Beans is a great new addition to my walk to work. I suspect my average consumption of cardamom buns is going to need careful calibration. This may involve developing a route to work that maximises my calorific burn-off opportunities. Give it a visit as I’m sure you’ll be mightily impressed.

Written by BKR