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Kurdish Best Kebab House

Much of the Festival is spent dodging the worst and munching the best of our city’s informal food options. I’ve neither dived in to the detail nor written much about it this year, at least by my standards.


After a busy day of shows, you often find yourself in need of a late bite. On such a weary road home after a day of brewing and chewing, I felt the need to avail myself of the services of a late night pizza emporium. The Kurdish Best Kebab House was my venue of choice.

The place serves much of the usual fare with a decent selection of kebabs, pizzas and other late night treats. It looks like it does solid delivery business to add to ìts passing trade.

My requirements were simple: a ham and pineapple pizza (£5). It’s a classic and my current favourite.


This was prepared in the usual fashion and soon with me. I munched as I completed the final few yards of stumbling towards my abode.

It proved a solid example of the style. The base had some good crispness. The topping was pretty decent but didn’t wow with its quality. It was functional and accurate.

So overall, the Kurdish Best Kebab House looks to be a solid purveyor of reasonable quality stuff. It’s handy for me so I’ll likely be back. Stop in next time you’re passing.

Written by BKR