Cafe 52

Springtime snow is always a joy so it was a delight to be engulfed in big flakes on a recent trip to Aberdeen. To avoid the worst of it, we ducked into Cafe 52 on The Green.

Cullen skink

I was joined today by Cath who was questing for the first time.

I recall having been in this popular city centre spot in the past but I’m not sure it was for more than a drink and perhaps a light snack.

We were visiting at lunchtime so were presented with a broad selection of reasonably priced options. We both chose soup to start; Cath the pea and mint, me the Cullen skink. I followed with a goat’s cheese and red pepper burger while Cath opted for the black pudding, bacon and avocado salad.

Black pudding salad

Our friendly waiter was soon delivering the soup along with hearty hunks of bread. We were both very pleased with our choices. The skink was packed with smoked fish pieces and plentiful potatoes in a creamy broth. It was very good.

Cath’s main course won on looks and while it was a good dish the presence of unexpected grain mustard slightly detracted from the overall effect.


The burger was simple stuff but I tend to enjoy the cheesy approach to the veggie burger and this was a really good version. It was a dish I would happily order again.

So overall, Cafe 52 served our needs very smartly. With its birdlife detailing, it’s a quirky little spot that looks to be doing things the right way. I’d recommend it to you, particularly on unseasonal snow days, and look forward to visiting again.

Blythe scores Cafe 52
4/5 for food
3.5/5 for presentation
3.5/5 for setting
3.5/5 for service
giving an overall 14.5/20

We ate: pea and mint soup, Cullen slink, black pudding salad, goat’s cheese and red pepper burger

We drank: water, coffees

We wore: multi-coloured dress, pinstripes

Total bill: £22.40

Address: 52 The Green, Aberdeen AB11 6PE

Written by BKR