On a bleary-eyed Monday morning, I had one of those conversations that would have made so much more sense if I’d been talking about the same thing as my genial interlocutor. The context was Roundsquare, a roastery based in Ayr, that I had no idea had opened a cafe in Morningside.


Within hours of that discussion I bumped into their premises on Morningside’s main drag and suddenly things made sense. It has been open for somewhere around three months, I believe.

The place has a smart, contemporary feel with light wood to the fore.

They have a short food menu of smashed avocado and such, but I was just in the mood for coffee so kept things simple ordering my usual espresso (£2.20).


I took a seat at the window after having said hi to Robi from Cairngorm who was in “checking out the competition”.

I’ve tried Roundsquare’s coffee in quite a few places and generally found it to a good but not great standard. This was pretty much the case with this one, too. It was decent but not much beyond that. Perhaps this particular roast would have worked better with milk than on its own.

So overall, I liked Roundsquare’s new cafe. Their coffee remains promising but I’d like to see it start delivering a more satisfying hit. It’s a cafe worth checking out though as the baristas know what they’re doing and the place is smartly appointed.

Address: 132 Morningside Road, Edinburgh EH10 4AY

Written by BKR