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Ephesus Mediterranean Takeaway

I’ve been circling the prospect of last meals, last takeaways and last any number of things in the old house I’m in the midst of selling for a quite a wee while now.


I made what will likely be the last soupy soup – featuring some outstanding haggis – the other day. There are still a couple of slow-cooked lamb saags in the freezer for final final snacks, but the last takeaway honour may end up going to the recently opened Ephesus Mediterranean Takeaway.

On a sleepy Sunday evening I ordered a tropicale pizza and ten chicken nuggets from their typically broad menu. The tropicale was just a Hawaiian with mushrooms, by the way. The total cost was £12.50.


Ordering chicken nuggets was a pretty silly idea and they were pretty guff, but I felt the need for some reason.

The pizza was a good bit better with a light crust and good, plentiful topping. I liked it.

So overall, Ephesus looks to be doing solid work. I enjoyed the pizza I had and would happily order from them again. Their shop is pretty close to Summerhall so I can see it becoming a useful spot for post-cultural munching. Check it out next time you’re in the neighbourhood.

Address: 98 South Clerk Street, Edinburgh EH8 9PT

Written by BKR