December 2, 2016 Breakfast, Travel 2 Comments

Cross Country Trains

I’ve been enjoying eating on trains, recently, with some very good fare sampled on the Virgin East Coast first class service. These positive experiences had lulled me into a false sense of the security so when I boarded my Cross Country train home from Sheffield, the other day, I had a notion that I would be well provisioned. How wrong I was.



Travelling in the early evening, their selection was a sandwich or wrap, with today’s selection being leftover breakfast muffins, or Knorr soup.

I grew up on packets of Knorr soup, but then my mother – God rest her soul – was a terrible cook, so this was often the least worst option.

I opted for the sandwich: “Lincolnshire sausage, bacon & egg in an English muffin”. It was a disgrace to both the county and the country.

The main offender was the bread which was like a sponge and put me in mind of that ghastly shit they offer up at Subway. But the egg was dreadful, too, with the yolk largely turned to powder. It’s a close run thing with the cardboard disaster from Caffe Nero as to which one was the worst breakfast item I’ve ever eaten.

So overall, the food on Cross Country trains needs a big rethink. What I sampled was really poor and served to undermine my burgeoning confidence in train food. Get it sorted, folks!


Written by BKR