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In a Bowl

It’s always good to see new street food traders and when it’s a stall that looks to be purveying something healthy and wholesome that’s all the better. The arrival of In a Bowl, regularly trading next to the Wee Red Pizza Box on George Square ticked many of these boxes.

Stall and queue

Stall and queue

A simple stall selling freshly prepared salads and wraps in the Middle Eastern style, it was good to see that it seemed to have already built an appreciative audience from amongst the student population.

Having eaten rather a lot of halloumi of late, my eye was again initially caught by that, but instead I chose a fresh salad called fattoush (£6 for a large salad box) which brought together fresh, crisp leaves and veggies, toasted crispbread pieces, pomegranate dressing and salty Syrian string cheese.



I found a sunny nearby perch and commenced munching.

The dish brought bright freshness with broad textural variance for pleasing mouthfuls of simple goodness. I really enjoyed it, with the string cheese memorably good.

So overall, In a Bowl brings a really good new option to our ever-growing street food scene in Edinburgh. Catch them here and at Morningside Market on the first Saturday of each month when next you’re seeking a fresh, zingy salad or wrap. I’m confident you’ll be as impressed as I was.

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Written by BKR