October 31, 2016 Burger, cocktail bar, New Town 4 Comments


I feel like I’ve been writing quite a lot about Nightcap recently, but it has been for listicles and features rather than in the form of a review. I was pleased to amend that after a long day at the salt mines.



I was joined by regular guest quester Tim who is the man behind the idea for grubcrawls amongst other things.

Nightcap is the second bar venture from the team behind the St Vincent. When it initially opened during August, they essentially ported the burger and wings menu from Feed across to the new location and hit the ground running.

However, this bar has a much stronger focus on cocktails, with former Bramble alumnus Sam McGarry now leading on the drinks side of things. Consequently, they recently relaunched the menu with a few tweaks which mainly made things a bit smaller and more refined to match the smaller more refined drinks.



Their burger offering is now a pair of sliders, the portions of wings have been halfed in size (and price), and their posh bacon roll comes with a little bloody mary shot. It’s a smart idea which sounded like it would be a winner to me. And so it proved.

We ordered the classic and halloumi “squeak” sliders, a portion each of the BBQ and Buffalo wings, some fries and some beers.

Everything promptly arrived after we’d had a moment to settle on our smart stools in the informal and stylish bar.



Everything was delivered to a very high standard. The halloumi burger was a particular winner and the wings were the best I’ve had in the city, only rivalled by the ones at El Cartel. The fries were really good, too.

After we’d eaten, Tim headed off but I stuck around to try their signature cocktail, the Nightcap, which comes garnished with a nailed orange twist and a smoking match. It was memorably good

So overall, Nightcap is an impressive new addition to our collection of cocktail bars and has a really strong food offering, too. Eventually it will be a vastly expansive labyrinth of a place so it will be interesting to see how other aspects of the place develop. Make sure to visit soon and visit often.

Blythe scores Nightcap
4/5 for food
4/5 for presentation
4/5 for setting
4/5 for service
giving an overall 16/20

Today’s questers were: Tim, Blythe

We ate: squeak, classic sliders, BBQ wings, Buffalo wings, fries

We drank: IPA, water

We wore: suit separates

Total bill: £34

Address: 3 York Place. Edinburgh EH1 3EB

Written by BKR