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Daylight Robbery



The Spit/Fire experiment burned very brightly for a time, but eventually fizzled out into a rather sad demise. With optimism that the Dublin Street premises can still represent a viable business location, Daylight Robbery took over the venue a few months back. I popped in for my first visit the other night.

The interior is much the same shape but has been given a slightly awkward makeover with yellow formica table tops, red cushions and chunky chipboard now largely hiding the white tiles of the original refit.

The menu is all change with a strong vegan thread running through it. I started my ordering in that spirit with the soup of the day which was chickpea broth with paprika and oregano.

Soup, bread, sex butter

Soup, bread, sex butter

This was much as expected with a thin soup packed with soft chickpeas. The paprika and oregano were strongly in evidence. It was a pretty solid effort.

The accompanying bread was warmly fresh and the “sexy butter” it came with was sharply sour but fairly interesting.

I couldn’t keep the vegan thing up so ordered a burger and fries for main. It was of the chunky variety but wasn’t a bad rendition of this burger style with some moisture and flavour. The chips were well seasoned.

Burger and salad

Burger and salad

I accompanied things with a cheeky half of delicious grapefruit Schoefferhofer, which is always a satisfying tipple.

So overall, I quite enjoyed the food at Daylight Robbery. The place was very quiet and I’m not sure I can see it lasting but that won’t be the fault of the kitchen as they’re doing a very decent job. I just don’t think this is a viable location for this style of place unless they somehow manage to capture the heart of every beer-drinking vegan man, woman and child in the city, pronto.

Blythe scores Daylight Robbery
3.5/5 for food
3.5/5 for presentation
3/5 for setting
4/5 for service
giving an overall 14/20

I ate: chickpea broth with smoked paprika and oregano; house burger with manchego

I drank: Schoefferhofer, water

I wore: blue and red

Total bill: £17.25

Address: 26B Dublin St, Edinburgh EH3 6NN

Written by BKR