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Wee Red Pizza Box

It turns out that George Square’s food stalls have been shovelling rather a lot of over-priced shit this August. The Cargo containers of poutine hell for a fiver and toxic onions on the burgers are shockingly poor. And some of the fare I’ve seen emanating from the Laughing Stock stalls has been, well…a laughing stock.



Accordingly, with the excellent Section 33 stalls frequently visited and The Mac Shack having worked its hangover-busting magic once or twice, my attention turned to the resident year-round food-on-the-go options.

Having visited the Wee Red Raclette Box a few months ago, I’d noted the presence of a pizza oven to the rear of the box on the south-east corner of the square. I guess I’ll call it the Wee Red Pizza Box, which is approximately its correct name.



The little wood-fired oven had flames licking away ‎as I pondered my topping choices. I eventually decided to go with an old favourite combo, pepperoni and mushroom (£4.50).

This was assembled to order then flung in to the oven for just a minute or two to cook it.

With item in hand I found a nearby step to commence munching. ‎Without reaching levels likely to involve minds being blown, this was a really nicely prepared snack.

The base was‎ super-crisp so ideal for eating on the go without the dangers of toppings being spilled down shirts. The red sauce could have used a little bolder seasoning but had a good herbiness to it.

So overall, given that it’s £2 cheaper than the pizza stand in George Square gardens, you’d be much better placed visiting the Wee Red Pizza Box. It will serve you a quick and snappy snack to take the edge off your between-show hunger, so should come in very handy.

3 stars 2

Written by BKR