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Caorunn Artists’ Garden

My apathy to the use of St Andrew Square gardens is well-documented. To summarise for new readers, the total fuckwits at Essential Edinburgh have mismanaged the space so badly that I strongly favour the gardens being restored as a green space in the centre of the city with no further events staged there. And they can turf-out the execrable Costa coffee pavilion while they’re at it.



To further illustrate how they’re going wrong, I was delighted to visit the Caorunn Artists’ Garden over two days last week. This is a really smart use of an under utilised space in St Andrew Square that’s usually preserved for adding spacious visual splendour to the forecourt of the RBS headquarters. It has been transformed into a rather lovely outdoor bar showcasing Caorunn gin, with some craft stalls, coffee from the Bearded Barista and grub from Barnacles & Bones.

I popped in on their first or second night for a swift Caorunn G&T which was delicious. It featured Mediterranean tonic with half the quinine which is apparently a splendid idea. It was a lovely way to finish a rainyish day.

Chips and chimichurri

Chips and chimichurri

Next day, after indulging in rather too many unmissable drinks, I had a thumping hangover so popped along to Barnacles & Bones for some chips. These were their signature tarragon salted fries (£2) with the added interest of chimichurri.

These were cooked to order and soon with me while I had a wee chat with one of the folks behind the Crema Caravan.

I was quickly tucking in with considerable relish. The chimichurri was excellent and so much better than the really ropey stuff I’d had at Rancho. The fries were really nicely seasoned too. In my hungover state these were just the job.

So overall, it’s a five star review for the Caorunn Artists’ Garden. You’ll find me there on a regular basis, this August, so come say hi when you’re passing.

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Written by BKR