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Where the Monkey Sleeps

I’ve been a fairly regular visitor to Where the Monkey Sleeps in their West Regent Street branch. Their coffee is good and their bagel selection full of creative combos, so I was happy to see a second branch open on Argyle Street, a couple of months back.



I’ve popped in for coffee a couple of times, but this was my first time eating here. I was visiting at breakfast time so thought I’d give one of their egg dishes a try. After a moment or two pondering I settled upon their twist on eggs Benedict which brought together toasted ciabatta, crisped bacon, then conventional poached eggs and hollandaise.

It was lovely to bump into one of the chaps from the Chompsky food truck as we queued. He soon toddled off with his takeaway coffee while I sat in and sipped a good espresso, from Dear Green, while my eggs were prepared.

They soon arrived looking pretty neat and tidy. The dish proved very satisfying with the egg yolks beautifully runny, the hollandaise fresh and bright, and the bacon nicely crisp.



I think the more traditional English muffin would have been preferable to the overly crunchy ciabatta but this was a minor quibble with what was a high quality dish.

So overall, I was glad to see this newer branch of Where the Monkey Sleeps on such good form. I really enjoyed their breakfast and the coffee was as good as ever. I’d recommend you give it a go when next you’re looking for breakfast in Glasgow city centre.



Blythe scores Where the Monkey Sleeps
4/5 for food
3.5/5 for presentation
4/5 for setting
4/5 for service
giving an overall 15.5/20

I ate: eggs Benedict

I drank: espresso, water

I wore: pinstripes

Total bill: £6.55

Address: 340 Argyle Street, Glasgow, G2 8LY

Written by BKR