A new cafe in the western part of the city. Less than ten minutes from my abode. Where have I heard this before? Oh, that would be at Noir, Brew Lab West End, Strumpets, Zest & Co, and now Fieldwork, which is right next door to Armstrong’s on Fountainbridge.



I popped in on a peaceful Saturday to give their coffee a try. With tea and cakes their other offerings, it’s along quite similar lines to Strumpets but with a different aesthetic.

Wood, exposed stone and dried flowers are to the fore giving it a hipsterish feel. It’s really very smart.



Their coffee is from Steampunk, which is always a good thing. I ordered an espresso from the smiley counter woman and took a seat at one of their shelf seats.

The coffee was made to a very good standard. It pleased me muchly.

So overall, Fieldwork is another great coffee addition to my part of town. I’ll need to add it to my ever-growing rotation of places for regular visits. I suggest you do the same.

4 stars 2

Address: 105 Fountainbridge, Edinburgh EH3 9QE

Written by BKR