Miro’s Burrito Box – SADLY NOW CLOSED

Burrito box

Burrito box

As you may have picked up from previous reviews, I’m not the world’s biggest fan of Mexican food. Or perhaps it’s more accurate to say that I don’t think we’re particularly well served for Mexican options in Edinburgh.

One of the better ones is Miro on Rose Street, so I was intrigued when they took over the police box just across from their cantina and opened it as a burrito stand. I popped along to visit on a windy Thursday.

They offered a range of burrito fillings. While I paused to consider, the very friendly counter man suggested that if I was really hungry I should try the Gringo (£4.95), as with its meaty mince delights it was likely to be the biggest portion. I was happy to go with that recommendation.

Having lightly toasted the wrap casing, the chap was soon stuffing it full of goodies. I invited him to add everything available, which he was more than happy to do. The tightly packed burrito was then given a further toasting before it was wrapped in foil and paper then handed over. I ate as I walked.



It proved one of the best burritos I’ve had in the city, right up there with the likes of Taquito. It packed meaty notes from the beef and had a good supporting cast of flavours and textures. The wrap case was particularly satisfying with its light crispness. I enjoyed it very much.

So overall, Miro’s Burrito Box is well worth a visit. For a very reasonable price, they offer well-prepared and really enjoyable burritos. I look forward to visiting again and would recommend you do the same.

Address: just across from 184 Rose Street, New Town, Edinburgh EH2 4BA

4 stars 2

Written by BKR