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I’d heard a gentle buzz in the air about The Food Shack, a food truck located on the edge of the Meadows just at the foot of Marchmont Road, so after a trip to Morningside market I thought I’d give it a go.

With a split menu of both meaty and veggie options, this looked like an enticing and well-balanced approach. The veggie options looked a little better to my eye, so I plumped for the grilled asparagus and fried egg sub (£4)and added some cream of mushroom soup (£2) for good measure.



The friendly counter man was soon about the task of preparing the items freshly to order. He poured me a little free sampler of their homemade lemonade to try while I waited. It was very refreshing.

The soup and sandwich was soon with me. I popped over to the Meadows and ate while watching the cricket.

The soup proved very tasty. It matched a rustic texture with good depth of flavour for satisfying mouthfuls.

The sandwich was a notch better with buttery, garlicky asparagus working rather marvellously with the two runny-yolked fried eggs. I was entirely delighted with it.

So overall, I was impressed with the Food Shack. It served me two very good dishes that really hit the spot. I look forward to returning to give their meaty selection a go. I’d recommend you give the place a visit.

4 stars 2

Written by BKR