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I’m always impressed by the unfailing optimism of Edinburgh business owners in the face of the weight of history suggesting that there might be certain locations that are bloody hard to support a thriving business. Into this camp we can now add the folks at Spitaki, a new Greek restaurant on East Claremont Street.

Where the excellent Elbow once traded, this brightly blue new place is full of optimism and summer sunshine, and was shown to best advantage on this briskly breezy but nevertheless sunny day. I’ve always really liked the split level premises and this is a wonderfully airy and fresh use of them.

The menu is the same throughout the day, packing in a considerable range of Greek classics, with particularly good provision for veggie and fish fans. I gazed at the menu inconclusively for a while before deciding to turn over decisions to the friendly and attentive waiter.



He suggested the calamari which was apparently very fresh. I thought at least one more dish was needed, so he pointed me towards the spicy green peppers with feta adding that I’m probably need some pitta bread for mopping up purposes.

Both dishes were soon with me, with the calamari the bonnier. Served with a little crisp salad of cabbage and sweet peppers, it was really nicely cooked and entirely delicious.

Spicy peppers and feta

Spicy peppers and feta

The peppers and feta packed a warmly smoky kick and the pitta was plentiful and fresh. It was another winner of a dish. Together the dishes represented a very generous amount of food for lunchtime.

I rounded things with eminently forgettable espresso, but restaurants rarely get their coffee right to begin with, in my experience. The bill arrived with the unusual figure of £14.56 the total. Their menu prices, presumably to factor in that they also do all dishes to take away, doesn’t include VAT in its prices, which I found a little odd. These were minor blips in what had otherwise been a very enjoyable experience.

So overall, the fare in offer at Spitaki is really pleasing and delivered to a very good standard. It remains to be seen whether this tricky location works out for them, but given it was very well patronised on my visit, they have reasons to be optimistic.

Blythe scores Spitaki
4/5 for food
3.5/5 for presentation
4/5 for setting
4/5 for service
giving an overall 15.5/20

I ate: spicy green peppers and feta with pitta; calamari

I drank: water, espresso

I wore: brown and black suit

Total bill: £14.56

Written by BKR