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Interior looking out

Interior looking out

I’d been to Burger a few months ago and not been particularly impressed, but I made a note to give it another try in a few months. After a really enjoyable pint of Pilot Blonde at Akva, across the road, I toddled over to give it another go.

On the previous visit, I’d found the fries particularly poor and the burger fairly light on flavour. Accordingly, I thought it might be a plan to try one of their regularly changing burger specials, which today was a manchego-topped affair, then to give their poutine a try.



Service is at the counter where once you’ve ordered you’re given a buzzer, in the same way as at Wannaburger. When mine began buzzing I ignored it and given there were only three other tables on the go in the place they soon brought my items. The buzzers are such a silly idea and I wish both places would stop using them.

When it arrived, the burger looked pretty good but was ordinary as per the previous experience, with little evidence of the usually robustly flavourful manchego. But their curry poutine was notably poor – one of the weakest dishes we’ve been served in all our questing experiences.



It reeked of raw curry powder on arrival and once I tasted it, it became clear the rest of the sauce was rankly sweet. It had chunks of flavourless, nondescript cheese immersed in it. These did little to offset the horror.

So overall, Burger doesn’t float my boat, at all. Their poutine was the kind of dish a child would come up with if left in charge of the kitchen by an absent-minded parent. Their burger was well below the standard you’d expect from a specialist burger place. There’s much to improve to bring things up to a more acceptable standard.

Blythe scores Burger
2/5 for food
3/5 for presentation
3/5 for setting
2/5 for service
giving an overall 10/20

I ate: grilled beef burger, manchego cheese and chive fritters, red pepper mayo, tomato, rocket and beetroot pickle; curry poutine fries

I drank: Three Boys wheat witbier

I wore: pink

Total bill: £14.65

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Written by BKR