We’ve long been planning enhancements to the content of our site to include information on various accessibility aspects, whether that relates to the menu, the design of the interior or the inclusive approach to service.

To aim me in progressing this, I enlisted the help of David, who works for a major third sector organisation based in Glasgow. David’s a wheelchair user so brought that perspective to today’s review.



We decided to visit an old favourite in the shape of the Barolo Grill on Mitchell Street. It had been a good wee while since my previous visit so I was glad to revisit it.

Much of what David values in a good restaurant experience was exactly what we usually cover, but there were the additional elements of the navigability of the restaurant, the accessibility and appropriateness of the toilet facilities, and how his chair is accommodated at the table.



Barolo Grill passed these tests with flying colours, as the welcome was both friendly and attentive. We were seated at a free-standing table which suited our needs very nicely. The table was a bit shoogly, but this was quickly spotted and addressed by our splendid waitress.

David was in the mood for a steak, so opted for the sirloin, which came on a bed of root vegetables and with good looking chips. David gave it a firm thumbs up.

I opted for their lunchtime set menu choosing a tasty pasta e fagioli followed by an nduja-topped pizza.

The latter proved extremely good, with the sausage packed with flavour and the pizza base light and crisp. I was very pleased with it.

So overall, Barolo Grill impressed on all fronts. Service was a major strength and they accommodated accessibility with confident assurance. It was good to notice a buggy with a tiny baby in it being handled with similar skill to how we were treated. We’d both be happy to recommend the place as a very good spot for a feed that smartly met our full range of requirements.

Today’s questers were: David, Blythe

We ate: sirloin steak; pasta e fagioli; pizza nduja

We drank: water, coffees

We wore: white shirts (2)

Total bill: £38.60

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Written by BKR