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Blythe’s Verdict

Zuhus opened a couple of months back on South Bridge serving peri peri chicken, ploughing much the same furrow as the divisive Nando’s. I’d had my eye on a visit so was glad to take the opportunity to give it a try.

I was joined by Dan, who famously joined for the culinary adventure that was Hot Flame. We were both sad to see that remarkable place closed pending a change in direction. It’s on our list for a visit when it re-opens.

Chicken pitta and spiced rice

Chicken pitta and spiced rice

I’ve not visited Nando’s so don’t have a frame of reference, but Dan confirmed that this place was much in the same style, particularly in terms of the look and feel of the interior, but things were a good bit cheaper. Their lunchtime deal of a chicken (or veggie) dish plus one side order and limitless drinks refills sounded pretty impressive for £5.95.

Ordering was at the counter and was handled very efficiently by the friendly folks. Dan opted for the chicken pitta and spicy rice, while I chose the half chicken and chips. We had a little go at the limitless soft drinks, which were fine, but we were happy to stick to water.



Our dishes soon arrived with mine looking particularly eye-catching. It was a vast portion of chicken. What’s more it was really pretty tasty, with nicely roasted chicken, seasoned well and warmly spiced. The chips were somewhat more routine, but it still got a firm thumbs up from me. Dan was similarly pleased with his dishes.

So overall, Zuhus was a very pleasant surprise. The food was really good and the folks running the place were super friendly and excellently attentive. For a hunger-chasing lunchtime feed this is definitely right up there with the better value lunchtime deals in the city. I’d be happy to recommend a visit.

Dan’s Verdict

The last time I had been on a Lunchquest it was to the infamous Hot Flame World Buffet and part of me was still slightly scarred from the experience of seeing creamed brussel sprouts mixed up with pizza and sushi. So I was slightly nervous about a trip to Zuhus which is essentially a slightly cheaper version of the well known peri peri chicken chain (whose name begins with N).

Half chicken and chips

Half chicken and chips

I need not have worried as Zuhus is a cracking little restaurant and the food was great. Their menu is very similar to the more well known chain with all the main options of burger, pitta, wings and half chickens covered.

I ordered a chicken pitta with spicy rice, and with the lunchtime deal this came with a bottomless soft drink. I went for Hooting Hot on the marinade front. Zuhus has a spice-o-metre ranging from a puny Mellow Mild up to a “I’d better check my diary tomorrow morning to make sure I’m not going far” Dare Devil.

In the event Hooting Hot was spicy enough without sending me running for the soft drinks machine for an immediate refill. The chicken was pretty delicious and packed in the pitta together with some good fresh salad. The size of the portion of spicy rice was a bit on the measly side but was tasty enough.

Overall I’d recommend a trip to Zuhus for a very good value chicken lunch.

Blythe scores Zuhus
4/5 for food
3.5/5 for presentation
3.5/5 for setting
4/5 for service
giving an overall 15/20

Today’s questers were: Dan, Blythe

We ate: half chicken and chips; chicken pitta and spicy rice

We drank: water, limitless Vimto, limitless orange drink

We wore: no overcoat, light jacket

Total bill: £11.90

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Written by BKR