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Interior detail

Interior detail

After a day of hectic socialising, including stops at the King’s Wark and the Flying Dog, I was profoundly in need of sustenance so popped to The Granary on The Shore.

I was joined in this enterprise by Charlotte, Julie and Scott, who were all questing for the first time.

Throughout January and February, The Granary (along with all the places in the G1 group) were offering 30% off food and 20% of drinks, so we were pleased to make use of this deal.

Steak pie

Steak pie

Through the main bar, there’s a smart, mood-lit dining area, which is where we were seated. The waiting team was a little haphazard, throughout, with service rather stop-start and lacking a coherent flow.

After contemplating the menu for a moment or two, Julie and I both settled on the falafel and spinach burger, Charlotte opted for the chorizo burger, and Scott chose the steak pie.

Dimly lit veggie burger

Dimly lit veggie burger

Food soon arrived looking pretty much as expected. I think the veggie burgers were the pick of the dishes. The chorizo burger was a little underwhelming and the top crust steak pie didn’t look too inspiring.

The falafel and spinach worked pretty nicely together with good texture and flavour making for satisfying mouthfuls. The chips were pretty decent, too, although the slaw was rather weak.

So overall, The Granary was good without setting the heather on fire. I sampled a tasty veggie burger, so fans of those are well catered for, but the other dishes weren’t so inspiring. I’m not sure it’s too near the top of my list of places for a revisit, but if you do end up there you’re likely be decently served.

3.5/5 for food
3/5 for presentation
2.5/5 for service
3.5/5 for setting
giving an overall 12.5/20

We ate: falafel and spinach burger (2), steak pie, chorizo burger

We drank: wine

We wore: evening wear

Total bill: £47.40

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Written by BKR