Outside menu board

Outside menu board

I’m not much of a “food trends” follower, but it has been interesting to observe the transition that some street food stallholders have made in to restaurant and cafe kitchens. Most notable is Ox & Finch in Glasgow, which traces its origins to the Street Food Cartel, but Edinburgh also has Ninja Buns at Paradise Palms, and now today’s lunch venue Meat Hook at Mather’s.

I’d previously reviewed Mather’s and really enjoyed their Puddledub burgers. I’d also reviewed Meat Hook when they were resident in St Andrew Square during the festive markets that so brutally blighted one of our cherished city centre green spaces.

Pork and herb hot dog

Pork and herb hot dog

I was joined today by Graham and Tim, who have become regular guest questers, of late.

The menu showcased an expanded selection along similar lines to that I’d sampled at Meat Hook, previously. To their sausages and potato salad, they’d added a burger and sandwich selection and a choice of soups as starters.

My appetite didn’t extend to two courses, today, so I just cut straight their macaroni burger. Graham chose the same, while Tim opted for their pork and herb hot dog.

Macaroni burgers

Macaroni burgers

Dishes were soon with us looking rather good and served in the “dirty burger” style. A smart selection of home-crafted condiments were brought, too.

This wasn’t my first mac n cheese burger, as I’d sampled the monstrous depth charge that The Vintage used to do. This one was a notch better, not only because it was rather lighter and less dense, but because it was held together with a beautifully crisp crumb casing.

The ratio of bun to burger was a little too skewed towards the bread, but this was soon rectified by lifting off the lid and using it to mop up the excellent condiments. Accompanying crinkle cut fries were very good, too.

So overall, I was impressed by Meat Hook at Mather’s. The place continues to be a very friendly, classic pub setting, but they’ve definitely brought an interestingly contemporary dining menu to freshen up their food offering. I’d recommend you go and check it out.

4/5 for food
4/5 for presentation
3.5/5 for setting
3.5/5 for service
giving an overall 15/20

Today’s questers were: Graham, Tim, Blythe

We ate: macaroni burger (2); pork and herb sausage

We drank: sparkly water, diet cola (2)

We wore: grey coats (3)

Total bill: £30.10

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Written by BKR