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Glasgow has gone even more completely mad, it seems, with a glut of new openings and a “burger corner” having sprung into being at the intersection of St Vincent and West Nile Street. I decided to give the Handmade Burger Company a try, leaving Five Guys and the Gourmet Burger Kitchen for other days.

Where Paperino’s used to trade, Handmade’s interior has beautiful tiling and cornicing, to which they’ve seen fit to bolt-on caging and the obligatory overdose of filament lightbulbs. I found it completely soulless.



While it looks a lot like a table service place and there’s certainly enough waitresses and waiters to do so, ordering is at the counter, which is just as you come in the door. It looks likely to form a significant bottleneck at busy times.

One of the very friendly waiters, who had shown me to a table next to the cage-work, ran me through the menu in detail, which was appreciated. The breadth of their core range is impressive and augmented by specials. I was in simple mood so settled upon a cheeseburger and chips. Of course, I had to then go and place my order at the counter where I was furiously upsold, but to no avail.



My items were with me soon enough and once the barrage of “is everything OK” had died down, I set to work eating. The burger was mediocre at best. It was overcooked and dismally grey, the bun was verging on the poor and the cheese was completely anonymous.

The chips were pretty good, but there was an absolute boat-load of them. The portion was easily enough for two people.

After a final round of trying to get me to buy more stuff, with full-on table service now in operation, I was left to contemplate matters. It was their first day of business on which I was visiting, so I’ll be nice and not give a scoring review, but I think you can work out that it would not be brimming with points.

So overall, in a highly competitive market, the Handmade Burger Company has a mountain to climb to get anywhere near the type of quality that will lure customers away from their neighbours. The whole experience needs huge improvement.

I ate: cheese burger and chips

I drank: water

I wore: brown suit

Total bill: £10.70

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Written by BKR