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Today we introduce Our Beer Woman, who has recently joined the Lunchquest team to bring her own take on the joys of beer, working closely with Our Beer Man. Today, she samples a takeaway curry, but adds in a handy little beer recommendation for you.

Thanks to the folks at Hungry House who picked up the tab on this review. Read more about the best takeaway curries in Edinburgh at their best curry list.

When I eat in a restaurant, I always go for something I’ve never had before. But when I order takeout, I stick with what I know. Dining out is an experience; getting takeout is a comfort thing. Not straying from the norm means I can compare like for like to definitively settle on a local favourite – which, right now, is The Curry Leaf in Morningside.

As always, we kicked off with a mixed kebab starter. It consisted of soft chicken chunks and tender pieces of lamb. It was good but perhaps lacking any sophisticated flavouring, so I was pleased with the inclusion of charred onions and baked cherry tomatoes too.



As a main, my dining pal opted for his firm favourite, chicken jalfrezi. He was very happy with the fire produced by the Scotch Bonnets. Even better, the heat didn’t eclipse what was a flavourful and well-balanced curry. I’m always more concerned with taste than spiciness, but my chum cares for the opposite. He gleefully reported that the jalfrezi had an immediate but not persistent burn. Satisfaction was clearly achieved, as he wiped all the remaining sauce off his plate with a fluffy and not overly garlicky naan. Excellent.

In contrast I chose my old friend, lamb tikka masala. It was a frighteningly lurid shade of red, but the lamb was juicy and very well done. (I always go for lamb in curry – I think it stands up to the strong flavours better than chicken.) Unsurprisingly, the tikka was more gently spiced than the ‘frezi. However, it was still deliciously fragrant and more rich from tomato than heavily creamy.



I’ve eaten from The Curry Leaf on a couple of other occasions and have always been pleased with the quality of the meal and the level of service I received. So as the nights get darker earlier and going out becomes less attractive, chose comfort and give it a go – even if you already have a favourite takeout.

And in case you’re looking for a beer to go with your meal – and why wouldn’t you? – I can recommend a Camden/Beavertown ‘One Hells of a Beaver.’ It’s a spot-on accompaniment for curry: a hopped lager with slight floral notes and decent body. Because what’s curry without beer?

We ate: mixed starter, gourmet chicken jalfrezi, lamb tikka masala, garlic naan, steamed rice

We wore: spotty pyjama bottoms; Brewdog T-shirt

Total bill: £23.70

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Written by BKR