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After the second Scran Salon Glasgow event had concluded, I had just a few minutes to spare before the last train departed for the metropolis. I chose to spend those moments purloining tasty treats from L’Aquila, a nearby chipshop.

Given that time was pressing, I was comfortable that my selection was going to be constrained by the items that were already prepared and on display. From among their number I spotted a likely looking pair of battered sausages, so ordered them up, with the expected chip garnish.

Sausage supper

Sausage supper

The cheery counter man was soon about the assembly, pausing as is required to offer toppings. Given the proximity to the station, it wasn’t a surprise to hear that they were easily talked down from their “salt and vinegar” entrenchment to see light in the eastern delights of a single bottle of brown sauce. It was applied, I smiled and was on my way.

The sausages were fairly ordinary; decently filling, crisp batter, but not much beyond. The chips were very good, though, with enjoyable fluffy flavour. It was good takeout fare.

So overall, L’Aquila struck me as offering reliable chippy treats. I dare say Glasgow has better chipshops on offer, but at a pinch it did the job with a degree of ease. I imagine it’s somewhere I’ll visit again.

Blythe scores L’Aquila
3.5/5 for food
3/5 for presentation
3.5/5 for service
3/5 for setting
giving an overall 13/20

I ate: sausage supper

I wore: www.tieclub.co.uk tie

Total bill: £3.95

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