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There was a time when today’s review could have formed part of my occasional series on “places in Glasgow and Edinburgh with the same name but in different ownership”, but sadly as was the case with the two Pulcinellas, the Edinburgh branch has closed, in the case of the Italian Kitchen to re-emerge as Veritas. I must give it a visit, soon.

Anyhoo, the Italian Kitchen on Ingram Street has built a good reputation for high quality Italian fare. Towards the end of lunchtime service, I found it still busy and as the lunchtime crown shifted on, a new batch of mid-afternoon diners soon populated the place.



They have a set-price lunchtime menu, which offers two courses for £11.95 and three for £14.95. Given the breadth of options, I was more than happy to go with that. I opened with pasta e fagioli soup then followed with a veggie pizza.

The soup quickly arrived, delivered by one of the ever attentive waiting staff. It looked hearty and rustic. It proved to be packed with beans and pasta, as you would expect, with good flavour delivered by profuse bacon pieces. It was a very good soup.



The pizza was of similar quality. The base lent itself to the “fold and shove faceward” method of eating, so that’s what I duly did. The topping brought together a nice blend of mozzarella and ricotta cheeses, then mushrooms and fresh thyme provided the flavour backbone. It was thoroughly satisfying stuff.

So overall, I thought the Italian Kitchen was doing pleasingly good work. It served me two very good courses for a decent price. I’d happily visit again next time I’m looking for a substantial and tasty Italian feed.



Blythe scores the Italian Kitchen
4/5 for food
3.5/5 for presentation
3.5/5 for setting
3.5/5 for service
giving an overall 14.5/20

I ate: zuppa pasta e fagioli; pizza with mushroom, ricotta, thyme

I drank: house white

I wore: bolo tie

Total bill: £16.45

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Written by BKR