September 10, 2014 Review of the Year 1 Comment

It’s always a special day when we launch our annual guide to Edinburgh, which is now in its third year, but today is made extra-special as launch day also marks our 1,000th post on the site.rough-logo

When we started things in July 2011, neither MJ nor I thought that we would ever get to this number, far less within a little over three years.

Our move to daily posts in October 2012 was key in getting things there so quickly, for sure. I keep meaning to have a day off, but it never quite seems to work out.

I was looking at some of the site stats in the run-up to this landmark. We’ve had soup in 415 places. Sadly, we’ve seen 97 of the places we’ve visited close down. We’re barreling inexorably towards one million words written.

Anyhoo, we’re all pleased with the landmark, but it’s simply onwards to the next place, the next review, the next milestone. This year’s Guide has more categories, more great places we’ve been, and more ideas for you to try.

Click here to read it for yourself. Huge congratulations to all the places that feature. Enjoy!

Written by BKR