Gelato float

Gelato float

Blythe’s Questude Verdict

There’s a limit to my breadth of tastes
And it’s ice cream, gelato, cold desserts

How to review Mary’s, then?

I enjoyed their coffee
The place is cute
The crockery cuter



I left the sweet supping to Eleanor
And she doubly obliged

I will bring people
They will love it
I will be content with my espresso
No need for devilish long spoons.

Eleanor’s Questude Verdict

I was feeling adventurous on my first visit to Mary’s Milk Bar, so tried a gelato float. Made from ¾ cream soda topped with a scoop of golden gaytime ice cream – milk ice cream with honeycomb, caramel and milk chocolate pieces – it was a delicious, creamy and sweet combination. Now my problem will be choosing a different flavour next time I visit.

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Written by BKR