I’d heard very good things about Giovanni’s on Northfield Broadway for a good wee while, but given that it’s not really on my regular flight-path I’d not made it along to try for myself. When my mate Arianna added her voice to the place’s praise chorus, we made a plan to visit.

As her name suggests, Arianna is Italian so coupled with the fact that she’s a regular customer, living nearby with her hubby, she was warmly greeted in her native tongue when we arrived. Quickfire and laughter-laden chatter pervaded.

Fish n chips

Fish n chips

This was the kind of chipshop I remembered from my youth when places like Brattisani’s were still with us. Giovanni’s has been plying its trade since the late sixties, with the second generation of the family now running the business. The flow of custom is high with this midweek early evening visit still demanding the attention half a dozen counter staff working highly efficiently.

From their wide selection of Italian and chippy classics, Arianna chose a fresh salad then bruschetta to follow. I kept things traditional with fish n chips having spotted that the fish were indeed as whale-like as regular guest quester Gary had suggested.



With our orders in hand, we adjourned to Arianna’s lovely abode, where we accompanied our selections with a beer.

My fish was impressively good. Rarely have I eaten a larger or more flavour-packed portion. Chips were to a good standard, too. It was right up there with the best in the city and solely in terms of the quality of the fish I’d say it was the best I’ve come across.

So overall, I was delighted to have finally made the pilgrimage to Giovanni’s. It lived up to expectations entirely. For fans of the chippy arts, I’d say it’s a must-visit, both for the excellently friendly welcome and the gargantuan and delicious fish.

Blythe scores Giovanni’s
4/5 for food
3.5/5 for presentation
4/5 for service
3.5/5 for setting
giving an overall 15/20

Today’s questers were: Arianna, Blythe

We ate: fish supper, salad, bruschetta

We wore: tweed; pinstripes

Total bill: £11

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Written by BKR